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Welcome to my little tribute to Boy Scout heaven. I love the Goshen Scout Reservation and never can quite get enough of it. Where else can a child (or adult) go who loves to make stuff, shoot stuff, swim, hike, boat, play, build a fire, or just be a kid? I love to see the steam rise off the lake in early morning, the chanting of a few hundred hungry scouts, the sound of BBs hitting their target, shot gun blasts in the distance, laughter on the lake, the smell of a burning campfire, and the slow drip of the forest as I lay in my tent exhausted from another fun filled day. I even love the smell of the latrine, yep the latrine, when the wind hits it just right and wafts its unmistakable odor across the campsite. The boys and I always get a good kick out of it. No where else but camp.

For me Goshen is freedom. Freedom from the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia. Freedom from my daily responsibilities as a father, homemaker and business man. Its to have fun. To watch young boys turn into responsible young men all the while laughing it up with their buddies; creating memories that will last a lifetime.

As a young scout, its being trusted with more responsibility, to be allowed to hoist a rifle or bow, to strike that match for the fire you so carefully constructed, or whittle with your favorite pocket knife. It's to shoot some really cool stuff like arrows, BBs, or bullets while not having your parent hovering over your shoulder, to laugh yourself to sleep while enjoying the camaraderie of your tent mate.

This is my tribute to everything wonderful about Goshen, to honor the adults on the Reservation Staff who help run the day to day, to the leaders at the National Capital Area Council (NCAC) who build enrollment and help sustain it, and most importantly to the wonderful young men and women in each camp staff that make it possible every year.

Each time I travel to Goshen, I look at that mountain ridge and it takes my breath away. God's country for sure.

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I can't wait to go back.

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Dan Glass
ASM Troop 976
Unit Life to Eagle Advisor
Vienna VA

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